One genre of voiceover that is a natural progression from the commercial world is promo voiceover. Although there are similarities between the two genres, promo voiceover has a very important aim. Promo advertising has the specific task of engaging audiences and persuading them to watch a movie, television show, or news broadcast, or to tune into a certain station or network. Promo voiceovers cover various types of programming, and having an energetic and skilled voice actor can make them stand out and draw in listeners and viewers.

Why Luca?

Luca Papp is a professional female promo voice over artist with a unique sound. Her voice can be both gritty and intense as well as approachable and friendly. Her versatility makes her a good match for many different promo styles. From true crime to sports and comedy to food, Luca has the goods to reach your target audience. Her confident and direct vocal stylings offer many options, and she is able to adjust to a variety of topics and tones.

Luca’s attention to detail and professional and organized approach to her work in the booth are excellent qualities for promo work. Promo voice over is often fast-paced and ever changing to keep content as current as possible. Luca’s professional quality home studio and rapid-fire turnaround time will make your process fast and efficient.

Above all, Luca is attracted to the promo process as a whole. She enjoys breaking down scripts, finding what makes them shine, engaging audiences, and getting right to the most important information. Consider working with Luca Papp, a professional female voice over talent for promo work, and making her the voice of your network. Reach out for a custom audition or quote today!

Need a voice to add the finishing touches to your project?

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