Luca Papp promotional image for eLearning narration services

The voiceover branch of eLearning covers a lot of ground. From workplace trainings to at-home learning resources, eLearning videos can be an irreplaceable support for employees, customers, professionals, and everyday children and adults. eLearning may include digital courses and classes, tutorials, and how-to videos. They are available on many different platforms and can help to inform audiences, consumers, and students in various fields. As our world has evolved in response to a recent global health crisis, digital learning tools are, perhaps, more important than ever. Easy accessibility to clear and specific information is key.

Why Luca?

Luca Papp is a professional female voiceover artist with extensive experience in the world of eLearning videos and resources. Having voiced important projects for companies including Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, her voice has been described as knowledgeable, engaging, professional, and conversational. Luca’s tone is both commanding and approachable, allowing listeners to connect with her and trust her expertise and specificity.

Today’s consumer enjoys the convenience of being able to learn from home. When it comes to eLearning, accessibility is key. This includes not only the ease of access to digital tools and resources, but also hearing a reliable and approachable voice as a guide. Above all, Luca aims to make digital learning less painful for listeners to endure. Her engaging vocal quality keeps listeners interested, reassuring them that they can grasp important information and master new skills.

Need a voice to add the finishing touches to your project?

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