Today’s listeners identify most with real people who sound relatable, fun, and believable. With extensive experience in the world of commercials, Luca Papp is a professional female voiceover artist whose voice has been described as conversational, authentic, confident, and natural. When hiring a voice actor to market your brand, it is important to work with someone who is versatile, flexible, and honest. Luca Papp is all of these and more. She enjoys the challenge of capturing the qualities your brand most prioritizes in a short amount of time, delivering the message of your product with precision.

Commercial Videos

Why Luca?

Luca Papp has voiced for major brands including Dell, Lowe’s Nugenix, Uber, SkinCeuticals, Senka, Enfamil,, Apothic Wine, South College, and the Idaho Lottery. Her happy clients have appreciated her attention to detail and her fresh and current approach to commercial copy. Luca’s knowledge of various audiences and demographics allows her to reach a wide span of listeners with ease.

Above all, today’s consumers want to hear a voice they can trust. A listener’s connection with a brand is often more about the voice they hear than the product itself. Bringing a human quality to the table is, perhaps, what Luca Papp does best. With noteworthy experience, professionalism, and fast turnaround time, Luca is an ideal candidate for all your commercial needs. From warm and caring to sassy and sarcastic, Luca’s flexibility will make your brand and product come alive. And her work speaks for itself! Check out her memorable commercial work and connect with Luca today for your next TV, digital, radio ad, or online commercial project.

Need a voice to add the finishing touches to your project?

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