Voiceover Demos

Voiceover artist Luca sitting outside in front of tree

It is important to highlight a brand’s personality in commercials and digital ads. Knowing how to reach your target demographic requires special attention not only to your copy but also to the voice that listeners will hear speaking it! In addition to requesting auditions from voice actors, it can be extremely helpful to have access to their demos. Hearing a professional voice actor’s tone, quality, and versatility can give clients a more complete experience of exactly who that actor is. 

Check out Luca Papp’s female voiceover demos below. A professional female voice actor with years of experience, Luca has voiced projects for major brands and companies with great success. In addition to her own unique sound, Luca’s celebrity soundalikes include Scarlett Johansson, Emma Stone, Rashida Jones, and Jennifer Lawrence. Request a sample of your script today or schedule a live audition with Luca at your convenience.

Luca's Demos

Commercial Demo

Promo Demo

Animation Demo

Explainer Demo

IVR Demo

Corporate Narration Demo

eLearning Demo

Medical Demo

Alexa Demo

Virtual Tour Demo

Luca Papp standing barefoot outside while wearing overalls

Need a voice to add the final touch to your project?

Do you have a project that you need voiced by someone with a professional vibe? I would love to chat with you! Feel to reach out today to request a demo, audition, or quote!