We live in a world where efficiency is key. Our day to day routines are fast-paced and require multitasking and precision to get it all done! Explainer videos are a crucial piece of marketing a brand, company, or product. Explainers are brief 1-3 minute videos, often accompanied by graphics and animations, that communicate instructions, how-tos, and product services. They often provide meaningful step-by-step instructions in the most concise, effective manner possible, and they require a direct and trustworthy voice to get the job done.

Explainer Videos

Why Luca?

As the voice of explainer videos from major companies like Apple, IBM, Geotab, Gingr, BrightTalk, and Militex, Luca Papp is a professional voiceover actor with an engaging, believable, and sincere sound that supports listeners in learning the steps your brand most wants them to know. Her voice is both commanding and approachable, and her confidence will make your listeners feel that they are in good hands.

What Luca loves most about working on explainer videos is that she learns something new each time she connects with a new client, brand, or topic. She enjoys taking in new information and then having the chance to share that knowledge in the most digestible and helpful manner possible. In a way, creating an explainer video is an education in and of itself, not only for the professional artists who voice them, but for audiences and listeners far and wide. Consider working with Luca Papp, a professional female voiceover artist for explainer videos, today!

Need a voice to add the finishing touches to your project?

Do you have a project that you need voiced by someone with a professional vibe? I would love to chat with you! Feel to reach out today to request a demo, audition, or quote!