Animation is, perhaps, the most creative form of entertainment we have available to us. Voice actors are able to create entire worlds just with the use of their voices. By using range, flexibility, breath work, and imagination, voice actors bring characters and stories to life. Add the unbounded imagination of a professional female voice actor like Luca Papp, and you have a recipe for fantastic storytelling.

Why Luca?

With a versatile, animated, believable sound, Luca breathes life into all kinds of characters. From humans to animals and children to adults, Luca has a broad range to support your next animation project. Having studied acting at the Tom Todoroff Acting Conservatory in New York City, Luca has extensive experience in all acting forms, including on-camera, speech, clowning, improv, dance, and movement. Each of these skills has made her an excellent candidate for work in animation.

Luca’s attitude toward work in animation is that the voice can really make anything happen. Her versatility is so noteworthy that she can voice a fairy godmother and can even make herself sound like a little boy! Luca’s professional quality at-home setup allows her to create ready-to-use files with lightning-fast turnaround. Check out Luca’s animation demo to match her with your next project!

Need a voice to add the finishing touches to your project?

Do you have a project that you need voiced by someone with a professional vibe? I would love to chat with you! Feel to reach out today to request a demo, audition, or quote!